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For the first time in Kuwait, students are being given the opportunity to create an experiment that could be launched and conducted on the International Space Station (ISS). The winning experiment will be the first ever science experiment in space from Kuwait.

The challenge:

Propose an idea for an experiment to assess the impact of micro-gravity (the apparent absence of gravity, also called “weightlessness”) on a physical, chemical, or biological system. Research topics should be relevant to Kuwait.


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Operating since 2015, STARS Camp is a not-for-profit initiative to promote alternative approaches in STEAM education and provide a unique learning experience for students and teachers through informal and inspiring hands-on activities to stimulate the mind, body and emotions. STARS Camp is the first initiative towards establishing an educational center in Kuwait where young people can learn about science, technology, and leadership through space exploration activities.

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MAPP-Science is a not-for-profit creative research platform which functions under the umbrella of MAPP-Kuwait. 

The main purpose of MAPP-Science is to be a catalyst for innovation in the arts and sciences.  The program will do this by creating opportunities to encourage and help Artists, Scientists, and Technologists to collaborate.


Sending Kuwait's first CubeSat into Space!

This pioneering educational project will send Kuwait's first Cubesat ( and first Satellite!) into space.  The Cubesat is due to launch in February 2021, and intended to be an educational platform for students from all around the world!

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